Mediation and Civil Disputes

Mediation and Civil Disputes This article was written by Daryl Er (an intern of OTP Law Corporation) and Emelia Kwa (a trainee at OTP Law Corporation). This article was published by OTP Law Corporation We have previously covered what mediation entails in our Basic Guide to Mediation. Having covered many instances where mediation could have been helpful in family cases, we decided to turn the focus a bit onto how mediation can be helpful in civil litigation matters.What do you mean by civil litigation?These are usually cases that start by a writ of summons or originating summons.Where does one go for mediation then?In addition to private mediators, there are two places you can consider when considering mediation for your civil dispute:The…

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Protected: Mediation helps divorcing parties focus on real needs

Mediation helps divorcing parties focus on real needs This is the first part of a series on the different ways divorce can be settled. This article was first published 23 May, 2018 by TODAY .Author: PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Lat Mun Loon of Amicus ConsultingI read with interest the reports “Divorce made less bitter with new mediation process” (May 18) and “Amicable divorce options not popular” (May 19).As a mediator, I affirm the direction taken by the courts and the Singapore Mediation Centre. A divorce should be settled as amicably as possible for the benefit of the children as well as everyone else involved.While divorce is a legal and social issue, it must first be seen as a painfully emotional family matter.Clients…

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