Litigation & Mediation: The Hybrid Method

litigation & mediation: the hybrid method This article is a follow-up to our series on the different ways divorce can be settled. This article was written by Daryl Er, an intern of OTP Law Corporation and Emelia Kwa, a trainee at OTP Law Corporation. The hybrid method refers to instances where litigation and mediation are used as two parallel tracks to resolve divorces. Here, lawyers are engaged for not only the litigation track but also to represent parties as their mediation advocates in mediation.At present, this hybrid method is already being used where parties have children below 21 years old. This is since after such parties have filed for divorce, they are required to go for mediation at the Child-Focused…

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cyber law in singapore: cybersecurity This article is written by Eric Lip, a trainee at OTP Law Corporation Part 1 of this article discussed how the cyber threats are captured under offence-creating laws, especially that under the Computer misuse Act.In Part 2, we turn to look at legislation that touches on the protection against such cyber threats, and the key legislations that businesses and organisations have to navigate: the Cybersecurity Act, the Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”) and various sectoral regulations such as the regulation for banks by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).Cybersecurity ActThe Cybersecurity Act was passed on 5 February 2018 and there are four key objectives of the Cybersecurity Act:To provide a framework for the regulation…

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