A Thankful Attendee of the Cross-Border Mediation Masterclass

A Thankful Attendee of the Cross-Border Mediation Masterclass This article is written by Chloe Chua Kay Ee - National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law On 16 October 2019, a couple of friends and I attended the Cross-Border Mediation Masterclass jointly organised by PracticeForte, ALSA Singapore and SMU Law International Relations Club. As final year law students who are keen on going into family law, this 4-hour workshop was deeply enriching and beneficial to us. Furthermore, it managed to be what most typical law classes have failed to be, it was fun! The Masterclass could be broadly categorised into 2 categories – the seminars, which equipped us with the fundamentals of cross-border mediation and gave us insight into practical experiences,…


Recognition of Foreign Divorce In The Philippines: What You Need To Know

RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN DIVORCE IN THE PHILIPPINES: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW This article is written by PracticeForte foreign affiliate member Apolinario L. Caymo II Many Filipinos divorced abroad make the mistake of remarrying without first going through the formalities required by Philippine law. While a divorce abroad dissolves that marriage in that country, this does not mean that the Filipino/Filipina divorcee automatically has the right to marry again under Philippine law. To avoid future inconveniences for divorced Philippine citizens, LEGAL One tackles the most common questions about judicial recognition of foreign divorce decrees. 1. Q: I am a Philippine citizen who obtained a divorce decree in a foreign country. Can I now legally marry under Philippine law? A: No.…

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