These photos were taken and shared by PracticeForte Advisory affiliates,family and friends during the Covid 19 circuit breaker period.

Our 100th!

Today, Practiceforte joins all of Singapore in exiting this unusual time of circuit breaker with the sharing of our 100th CB post.

In the 2 months when everything retreated, many communities including that of PracticeForte came forward to share our different similar lives in pictures.

We captured the ordinary in our everyday that was extraordinary only because it had gone unnoticed in the hectic blur of our “past normal” ; the snapshot into a precious moment for all that we feel maybe taken away from us in the “uncertain now”. In these trying days, we took strange comfort in feeling the same things in much the same way and most of it unspoken.

More will be unprecedented, yet coming to us in age-old familiar ways that we experience as pain, loss, grief, anxiety, yearning, regret.

Then there is always hope. And with hope, we know we will overcome and make it through, only into better versions of ourselves – Mylene & Susan, Co-Founders

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