Building Peace, Building Expertise

Overview of PracticeForte's Mediation Services

Pre-Mediation Counselling/Introducing Mediation Advocates

Questionnaires to Both Parties & Signing of Agreement to Mediate

Assigning Mediators & Scheduling Mediation


Recording of Signing of Settlement Agreement

Post-Mediation Feeback

Why opt to mediate with us?


All information is kept private and confidential, process guided by neutral and skilled mediator/s

Advise, counsel, negotiate and protect

Mediation advocates are available to advise, counsel, negotiate and protect your interests. They act firmly without aggression, they counsel and negotiate without being adversarial


Mediation is more flexible and matters are allowed to be resolved in a few hours, or in a few sessions if necessary

Constructive Positions

Parties are encourage to participate actively in the session and it is managed towards constructive positions

Who will attend the mediation?


  • Mediator and co-mediators
  • Disputants and their mediation advocates
  • Other experts e.g. financial/social science, if necessary


  • Mediator and co-mediator/s
  • Representative of company authorised to negotiate and empowered to make decisions
  • Mediation advocates
  • Other experts e.g. financial/social science, if necessary

What to expect at pre-mediation counselling?

Mediation Day.

*Model used by SMC


Parties Opening Statement

Summarise & Agenda

Exploration of Issues

Problem Solving:




Private Sessions





Settlement & Agreement.

When parties have reaches a resolution on substantive matters, an Agreement will be drafted reflecting this. Both parties must sign in order for the Agreement to be effective.

Partiies should seek advice from mediation advocate/s on legal effects before signing.

The Agreement is legally binding.

Who if you don't reach a settlement?

If parties cannot reach a settlement, then parties can choose to return for a subsequent session or bring the mediation session to a close.

Get to know our mediators.


Argentina & Spain

Germany & Spain

Germany & Japan

Hong Kong



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