Mediation is a flexible process in which a neutral mediator facilitates the parties’ settlement negotiations, to help them reach their own solution. The focus of mediation is on finding solutions that will meet the parties’ concerns. The mediator will not make a decision concerning who is at fault in the dispute. Investing in the hope that disputes have better chances of being resolved when a conducive forum is in place and matters can be framed for better communication and understanding, PracticeForte Pte Ltd has started and manages a Mediation Programme that wants to encourage people and corporations to prefer mediated solutions before court litigation.

PracticeForte Advisory congratulates FOUR of our affiliates on their appointment to the Thailand Arbitration Centre (“THAC”) Panel of Mediators:

Apolinario Caymo – LexAsia Conultancy Inc.

Andrew Donovan – LexAsia Consultancy Inc.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates


The twin pillar of “Building Peace, Building Expertise” are the core focuses the affiliate firms of PracticeForte Advisory wish to show in the way we serve our clients as well as in how we work amongst ourselves as professionals.

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