Mylene Chua

Co-founder of PracticeForte

mylene chua
Mediator, Lawyer, Conflict Coach, Cofounder of PracticeForte Technologies Pte Ltd, Director of Coffee

about Mylene

Mylene brought to mediation her experience working for companies and private individuals, managing the transactional work whether through joint ventures or tender consortiums, and in industries ranging from energy, especially in the environmental waste-to-power sector, FMCGs, oil and gas upstream work, real estate acquisitions, to infrastructure and property development, commodities.

Mylene has been the Managing Director of OTP Law Corporation since October 2017. She is also the co-founder of PracticeForte Pte Ltd, a company set up in 2015 to band small professional firms for the realisation of big dreams.

In 2018, Mylene was appointed as a mediator with Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC). Since then, she has mediated mainly family disputes , both in Singapore and Thailand. All her mediation cases have resulted in settlements.

As a firm proponent of the peace approach to resolving disputes, Mylene, together with co-director and co-founder, Susan Tay, conceive of our peace approach programme, PF Restructure. An approach that brings awareness to how most problems are multi-faceted and how conflicts often have more than one cause. Through the support from the disciplines of law, finance, psychology, culminating importantly to mediation, PF Restructure helps parties resolve problems without resorting to acrimonious litigation.

Having also trained in conflict coaching, Mylene’s mediation focus is on empowering disputants to resolve their conflict through effective communications, recognition of interests and the understanding of needs.  

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