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Welcome to The Brief.

One of our favourite projects amongst many on the table.  Looking through photographs for our cover page every 4 months is something we really look forward to.

Until the last issue, circulation of The Brief has been pretty much an internal affair, distributed only to affiliates.  Things are different now and we feel a change is timely.  With PF’s branding getting more visible and better established, we think it is time to go public with The Brief. The Brief will now be published on our website and distributed through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. 

To quote our co-founders Mylene & Susan “So to all the new readers from all of us at PracticeForte Pte Ltd and PracticeForte Advisory, welcome to a short snippet of who we are.  Enjoy the glimpse into our world and we hope that you will like it enough to stay.”

The Brief Issue No. 1, April 2021

Greetings from PracticeForte!

The first quarter of 2021 has been deeply fulfilling for us here at PracticeForte.  From attaining Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) status to establishing our inaugural Board of Advisors, we’ve certainly crossed many key milestones together.  Read all about them in our first issue of  The Brief for 2021! 

Stay tuned for our next issue in August where we celebrate PF’s 6th Anniversary.  Until then, take care and stay safe!

Best wishes,

Team PracticeForte

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