He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us – Aeschylus

What is Project Restructure?

Project Restructure is a multi-disciplinary initiative by the founding lawyers of OTP Law Corporation to provide support as you embark onto a new phase in  life, whether family or work. Collaborating with our affiliates in PracticeForte Advisory, our approach brings together professional expertise in areas of law, finance, psychology, mediation, counselling and therapy.

We believe that within each division of our advisory we may yet see 2 umbrella threads of “Life” and “Business”. 

Life – where it touches personal affairs of heart and home;

Business – where it relates to work and commerce.

If life is about solving one problem to the next let us help – with our suite of expertise honed further with experience.

To book a slot.

Our Open House gives you the opportunity to get to know and speak to one of our Advisory Affiliates about your concern. Our professional advisory is made up of lawyers, forensic accountants, business consultants, counselors and therapists. 

We have slots available on a first come, first serve basis from 5pm to 7pm at our premises. Do drop us a line to arrange for a slot.

Pro Bono Talk on Divorce in Singapore.

Our Advisory Affiliate Susan Tay of OTP Law Corporation will be sharing on the process of a divorce in Singapore on 19 July & 22 Novemeber, 2019.

With an experience spanning 31 years, Susan has kept focused in the areas of family and matrimonial law, shareholders’ disputes and litigation, commercial transactional work, conveyancing and real property including trust law. She has made this firm that bears her name.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Susan Tay's interview on 93.8 NightChat with Susan Ng

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