Our Mediation Training

Training our next generation of mediators and mediation advocates

Why train with us?

We build peace

PF Mediate stands out as a process that teams mediators and mediation advocates who learn both domain knowledge and conflict coaching.  It is designed to engage and guide parties toward a resolution that is enduring by fulfilling underlying interests.  We move broken relationships closer to pathways of repair and healing.

We build expertise

we train mediators in cross-border and inter-cultural understanding and equip them with practical skills and experience possible only from specialist trainers.  We actively seek out trainers who are at the top in their field and widely regarded as some of the best in the world. 


In turn, our trainees mediate with us and become the country-connect for PracticeForte’s global network of mediators and mediation advocates.

SIMI Qualifying Assessment Programme (QAP)

SIMI Qualifying Assessment Programme

Most of our training programmes had been accredited as a SIMI Qualifying Assessment Programme, by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). 

SIMI Credentialing System

Successful completion of these programmes will entitle the participants to be accredited by SIMI as a level 1 mediator. The SIMI Credentialing System is a professional standards scheme developed by SIMI to recognise the experience of professional mediators. 

SIMI Credentialing Scheme

It has been tailored and developed with the intention of gradually building up a cohesive and robust pool of professional mediators in Singapore and the region.  Some of the key features of the SIMI Credentialing Scheme are:
- Featured on website
- Enjoy exclusive updates, news and priority subscription to events, seminars and conferences
- Automatically offered entry on the Mentorship Scheme

Our mediation courses

  • Spectrum of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Understanding conflict, conflict styles and the cycle of conflict
  • The facilitative style of mediation
  • The mediation process: stages of mediation
  • Preparing for clients and developing trust
  • Difference in approach between online and in person mediation
  • Technical aspects of online mediation
  • Challenges of online mediation
  • Legal aspects of online mediation
  • Effective mediation tools for online mediation
  • Overview of relevant law and legislation relating to mediation and matrimonial proceedings like divorce, children’s issues and division of assets
  • Social science aspects e.g. psyche of distressed clients and mediation process in these situation; whether clients are suitable for the peace approach
  • Mediation tools for communication, problem solving and process management
  • Mediation pathways to healing and repair
  • Understanding the process and legal context
  • Why mediate and when?
  • The role of the lawyer/advocate in mediation
  • How much law?
  • Learning the client’s interests: What success looks like
  • Mediation in non-contentious and transactional business
  • Role of the advocate in mediator selection and the principles involved in choosing a mediator
  • The Mediation Agreement, standardisation and particularity
  • Mediator neutrality and the mediator’s purpose
  • Preparation and pre-mediation documents
  • Planning and strategy for managed negotiation
  • Using the mediator to add value
  • The mediation day
  • Settlement: the Advocate’s role and obligation

Our mediation plug-in courses

In this advanced training module mediators will learn about:
  • Intercultural competence as a learning process
  • Different definitions and concepts of culture
  • How to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in intercultural settings
  • Theory and practice of intercultural communication
  • A better understanding of the own cultural background

Training outcomes for all mediators' training programmes

Participants will be equipped with expert training in all the theoretical and practical skills you will need to be a professional mediator and/or enhanced or advanced skills needed to improve as a professional mediator; in particular

  • To manage the mediation process effectively
  • To settle disputes and conflicts with enduring solutions
  • To acquire and/or refine negotiation and communication skills
  • To move past impasse and intractability
  • For a high success rate of resolution

Our training venue @PracticeForte Resolution Space

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