PracticeForte Affiliate firm OTP Law Corporation celebrates a fabulous 2018 with TeamPF. Can’t wait to celebrate 10 years since incorporation for OTP Law Corporation in 2019!

PracticeForte Pte Ltd congratulates our Advisory Affiliate Ms. June Lim for being named Pro Bono Ambassador 2018 by the Law Society of Singapore.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate from , Mission Trip to Beijing and Guangzhou, as a council member of of Singapore.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates discussing the yay and nay of Civil Justice Reforms.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Seow Ling sharing on Advance Planning at Anglican Senior Centre, one of the programmes lined up for LawAwareness Weeks@CDC 2018 organised by Law Society Pro Bono Services

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Dharma Jayaram giving a talk on Protection from Harassment, part of the programme line up for the Law Society Pro Bono Services: Law Awareness Weeks

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Rajan Chettiar at Supreme Court of Singapore. Panel discussion on a multi-discipinary approach to assisting a family which breaks down at the Family Justice Practice Forum 2018 – A call for kindred.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Lim Seng Siew of OTP Law Corporation as one of the panelist in @Singapore Academy of Law’s Panel Discussion: Next Generation Small and Medium sized Law Firms (8 November 2018). Advocating the relaxing of regulations to support collaboration, referral and the sharing of resources of small firms, cross discipline. Opening address by the Honourable Justice Chua Lee Ming.

PracticeForte Family Division Advisory June Lim & Low Seow Ling talk on “Lasting Power of Attorney: Plan ahead to protect your interests” at the Enabling Festival.

“Divorce And You” Last night, at the 3rd Judiciary Volunteers Appreciation Dinner 2018, Chief Justice Menon mentioned the collaboration of Law Society Pro Bono Services with FJC on Divorce and You. We are pleased to share the article written in The Straits Times, 4 October 2018. And to quote Chief Justice Menon “These two initiative are excellent examples of how various segments of our community are collaborating in an innovative way to develop new means to reach out to the public as part of our collective efforts to make justice truly accessible”. We would like to especially thank our PracticeForte Family Division Advisory Affiliates , & Abigail Lee who contributed as Speakers at the free talks.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Mr. Rajan Chettiar at the 31st LAWASIA Conference, Siem Reap 2 to 5 November 2018. Speaking on alternative dispute resolution and collaborative family practice in family Court proceedings in Singapore. 

PracticeForte Advisory Afiliates Susan Tay and Mylene Chua in Berlin, Germany celebrating MiKK e.V. International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction 10th Anniversary with Mr. Nicholas Teng (First Secretary), Embassy of the Republic of Singapore and Jane Lauritsen, Consular & Information Assistant, Embassy of the Republic of Singapore.

PracticeForte Advisory affiliate Mr. accepting the Singapore Academy of Law Merit Award from the Chief Justice at the Singapore Academy of Law 30th Anniversary Dinner. Our heartiest congratulations to Seng Siew. “Inaugurated in 2008, Singapore Academy of Law Awards are a recognition of the notable contributions of the recipients for service in promoting and advancing the objectives of the Academy in particular and to the development of Singapore law in general.”

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Shirley Tay, Wan Yew Fai & Edward Ta was “Exploring Artificial Intelligence” by ISCA and we are pleased to share the materials by ISCA with our network.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Mr. Edward Ta in the news!

Our Advisory Affiliate OTP Law Corp in the news! " LEGALPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT - Lim Seng Siew @OTP Law Corporation @Lim Seng Siew FLIP

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Mr. Lim Seng Siew speaking at the FUJI Law Society Annual Convention

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates sharing a 'zhi char' meal.

PracticeForte 3rd Anniversary!

PracticeForte Advisory Family Division courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Joseph Del Mar Yap at the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Ms. June Lim & Ms. Susan Tay @Singapore Philippine Embassy Commemorates 120th Philippine Independence.

PracticeForte Advisory was established in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, one of our key interests includes using our expertise to improve the community around us in new, innovative ways. As an advocate to peace building, we aim to make a difference to the lives of today’s migrant workers. — at Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training - FAST.

PracticeForte Pte Ltd congratulates Rajan Chettiar on the 15th anniversary of Rajan Chettiar LLC. Rajan Chettiar, your hard work, enthusiasm and dedication is commendable. Many congratulations to you and PracticeForte Pte Ltd would love to be part of your every milestone!!!

Are you at the TechLaw.Fest Singapore? Be there at 2.15pm today to catch OTP Law Corporation Director Lim Seng Siew as he shares his views alongside Supreme Court Judge Aedit Abdullah and Co-Founder/ Editor of LawTech. Asia Amelia Chew in "A Judge, A Lawyer And A Student Walk Into The Bar Room...."

PracticeForte Pte Ltd and our PracticeForte Advisory would like to congratulate our affiliates on their appointment to the Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) Panel of Mediators: 1. Ms. Susan Tay Ting Lan – OTP Law Corporation 2. Ms. Mylene Glenys Chua – OTP Law Corporation 3. Mr. Apolinario Caymo – LexAsia Consultancy Inc.

PracticeForte Advisory mediator, Mr. Rajan Chettiar as a panellist in the SMU Mediation Forum. Photograph courtesy of SMU.

PracticeForte is pleased to share an interview of our Advisory affiliate, #Susan Tay of #OTP Law Corporation on her firm’s journey to being paper-less. Conducted by our technology collaborator, #Ms Serena Lim of #Bizibody, this interview can be viewed as part of a workshop by #SAL LIFTED titled Legal Workplace Productivity Solutioning.

PracticeForte congratulates Singapore Academy of Law on the launch of FLIP. #FLIP #FLIPbySAL

祝福您新年快乐 (Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year), 狗年吉祥 (Lots of luck for this lunar year of the Dog), 身体健康 (be healthy) 生意兴隆 年年有余 (Business flourishes and surplus year-after-year) and…. in line with work year focusing on ‘Peace Building’ - 和气生财 旺! 旺! 旺! (Harmony brings wealth)!!!

PracticeForte Pte Ltd and our Advisory will be co-organising with Chinatown Heritage Centre on an event comprising a series of initiatives to bring awareness to mediation as a peaceful way of addressing migrant related issues among the stakeholders in the foreign labour space.