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9 June, 2022

Has your marriage irretrievably broken down? Where has that left your emotional and mental state? Having made the decision to part ways, how do you navigate from there – what is the next step? What other considerations do you need to think about? Should a couple take the war path or a peace approach to gain independence from each other?

Join moderator Lim Liyen as she chats with Susan Tay (Founder, OTP Law Corporation) and Sylvia Tan (Sylvia Tan Psychology Consultancy) as they delve into these issues and more, when one or both parties contemplate a divorce.

This webinar is jointly organised by Law Society Pro Bono Services and the Family Justice Courts.

4 March, 2022

The on-going pandemic has not only affect society at large, it has also affected families, perhaps especially for marriages. Spouses who find themselves in each other’s presence all day, every day, may learn some hard truths about their marriage.
Has the experience given rise to some marital issues for you? Are you worried about your financial situation and your children?
Join this webinar as our moderator, Liyen Lim, and speakers, Abigail Lee (Executive Director, Healing Hearts Centre) and Susan Tay (Director, OTP Law Corporation), walk you through therapeutic justice which includes divorce proceedings, mediation and explore other options for couples facing marital disputes and discuss ancillary matters such as children’s welfare, maintenance, division of matrimonial assets and more.
This is webinar is a collaboration between Law Society Pro Bono Services and Family Justice Courts.

2 March, 2022

Affiliates and Advisor sharing a mission to spread  the bad, the real but definitely also the good of mediation and mediation advocacy at NUS Law School.

PF Advisory Affiliates wish to thank MiKK e.V. International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction Dr. Eva Schwittek Christian von Baumbach Christoph C. Paul @Mari Nagata for having Susan Tay Mylene Chua RODEL TATON as guests sharing on Cross Border Family Mediation at the 2nd Mikk Osaka University Alumni Meeting!

Cross-Border Family Sharing

PracticeForte affiliates Susan Tay Christian von Baumbach & Martin Lau will be Building Peace, Building Expertise tomorrow with The Graduate School of Law of San Sebastian College- Recoletos, Manila as they join in the National ADR Day celebration on December 19,2020,3PM . It will be live @ https://lnkd.in/gtvuyM7

6th November 2020, Mikk training on online mediation with PracticeForte’s mediator affiliate in Germany, Christian von Baumbach. Also some sharing of a pre-Hague mediation that was conducted online between co-mediators, Christian and our Singapore affiliate member, Susan Tay.

PracticeForte advisory affiliate, Lim Seng Siew of OTP Law Corporation, spoke at the Virtual Networking Cafe “Transforming Mindsets” alongside SmartLaw Guild Firms, to share how they are embracing technology. This was part of the Day One programme of TechLawFest2020.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Susan Tay & Abigail Lee shared at Divorce & You webinar. Organised by Law Society Pro Bono Services.

Join PracticeForte affiliates Susan Tay & Christian von Baumbach as they share their experiences on common areas and unusual scenarios such as where parties are desperate to settle and how do they trust one another again.

Public CPD Points (1.5 Points)
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PF In-House Training on Intercultural Competence conducted by affiliate Christian von Baumach from Berlin! 

30 January, 2020

PracticeForte Lunchtime Training Series – Our 1st in 2020!

“Drafting Essential Contractual Terms” by affiliate member Lim Seng Siew of OTP Law Corporation.

Going Global & Staying Local? Yes We Can! This webinar was organised by PF and supported by Philippines Embassy of Singapore & San Sebastian University in Manila with Dean Rodel Taton. 120 students registered for this legal learning for law students webinar! Panel of speakers from PracticeForte’s advisory: Sabrine Reverre (France), Simi Singsachthep (Thailand), Apolinarion Caymo II (Philippines), Lim Seng Siew (Singapore/Malaysia), Susan Tay (Singapore) & Mylene Chua (Singapore).

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliate Ms. Susan Tay of OTP Law Corporation shared at the Tran-Focused Legal Workshop organised by the Law Society Pro Bono Services & The T Project.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Susan Tay on the 938 Now radio show with host Susan Ng. Susan Tay shared about divorce in Singapore and PF Restructure, the peach approach. 

938 Now Radio Interview

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates attended PF In-House Training “Which came first? The Affair or The Marriage Breakdown”? for affiliates by affiliates Private Eye Investigation & Consultancy Pte Ltd & Amicus Consultants.  

PracticeForte Advisory law firm affiliate OTP Law Corporation together with team PracticeForte hosting 26 law students from Eramus University Rotterdam.  Thank you Rajan Chettiar, Sabrine Reverre, Lim Seng Siew and Susan Tay for sharing your experiences as a mediator, foreign lawyer, family and litigation lawyers.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Susan Tay & Abigail Lee shared at Divorce & You talk. Organised by Law Society Pro Bono Services.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Susan Tay, Amy Lim, June Lim, Abigail Lee shares at Project Relocation talk. Organised by SCWO.

PracticeForte Advisory Affiliates Susan Tay & Abigail Lee shares at Divorce & You talk. Organised by Law Society Pro Bono Services.

PracticeForte’s In-House Training “An Idiot’s Guide to Business Valuations” by our advisory affiliates Edward Ta & Wan Yew Fai. 

PracticeForte Advisory affiliates Amy Lim & Susan Tay sharing at Law Society Prono Bono Services Divorce & You Talk.

PracticeForte Advisory completed part 2 of our 3-part matrimonial training. Thank you Eden Law Corporation and Dharma Law Corporation for the sharing.  

These training platforms certainly help fellow lawyers interact and share their best practices.  

PracticeForte Advisory completed our 3-part matrimonial training. Thank you Eden Law Corporation and Dharma Law Corporation for the sharing.  

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